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Newfoundland has been a Province of Canada since 1949. Newfoundlanders (or "Newfies") enjoy a rich culture all of their own. They are musical, joyful, and enjoy joking about themselves as much as others do. In fact, I have a sneaking suspicion that many of the best Newfie Jokes were actually made up by them.

One Wish

A Young, Newfoundlander man was walking around a field in Newfoundland, when he came across an old well. He walked up to the well, just to get a look. He noticed an old looking bottle in the well bucket. He picked it up. And suddenly a genie appeared before him.

The genie said, "For freeing me, I will grant you one wish."

The young man said, "Ok. I wish that there was a bridge going from Newfoundland to the mainland, you know, like the P.E.I. one."

The genie said,"I am sorry, but I can't do that. That would be TOO much change. That would be ALMOST impossible. It would change too many peoples lives."

So the young man thought for a second, then said, "Ok, then. I am a proud Newfoundlander, and I am sick and tired of everyone making fun of Newfoundlanders. SO I wish that Newfound landers were as smart, or even smarter than ANYONE else in the world. Or at least smarter than any other Canadian."

The genie said, "So, do you want two lanes, or four?"